Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free $5 Kroger Gift Card plus help Haiti

Free $5 Kroger Gift Card - G.O. Ministries

1. Fill out the Web .

2. You will receive a Kroger gift card in the mail with $5 credit

If you want to help this charity:

Next time you go to Kroger to get groceries go to the customer service desk first
and put additional money on your gift card

Get groceries and pay with gift card.

Keep your gift card and reuse it as Kroger makes a donation to the Ministry

Kroger will donate 4% of each dollar you put on the gift card to G.O. Ministries. This adds a step to your grocery run but helps the cash you’re spending go 4% further to help change the world in which we live in very positive ways. Once we receive your registration we’ll get a card in the mail to you right away.

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